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heres a fun fact that shows a lot about me: im pretty allergic to bananas but didn’t know it at all growing up until one day when i was like 17 i was like “man, i love bananas. theyre always so tangy and make ur mouth all tingly” and my friend was like “thats. definitley not what a banana is supposed to be like” one doctors trip later, turns out im fucking allergic to bananas.  

doodleyboop Asked:
I'm goood! sorry for the late response o: im on my phone, so I wasn't notified that you responded!! cx whats up?

My answer:

Ah don’t worry about it! :)
Y’know… Boredom the usual stuff! Anything wild or exciting happening in your world? :D

"He speaks like 13 languages. It’s like what!?! I hate you!"


watching your favorite band grow older and more famous is probably one of the saddest, happiest and hardest things to do



  • when people use my name in conversation
  • when people say “this reminded me of you!”
  • when people remember little things i say/do
  • when people genuinely thank me for things i’ve done for them
  • when i think of the same thing at the same time as someone else and you give each other the look


im always like hell yeah i’d survive an apocalypse and then i remember sometimes I nearly faint in the shower because the water is too hot


Is this what they mean when they say spring chicken?

Unproductive and chubby since birth

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